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Daniels..keep him?


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PD got a 3yr contract 2 seasons ago right??..if that is inaccurate, disregard this post.

Anyway, for almost 1 3/4 years I thought the guy was a terrible pick up. Now the guy is playing like a top 5 NFL DE for a pretty good stretch. So seeing as this is a business, after this year his agent is gonna smell green(get it while you can)and want a monster contract extension. So, do you give it to him, dont give it to him, or make him wait until he becomes a free agent and risk him feeling rejected for not getting a new deal worked out.

I would extend his contract but not based on the extemely high level that he's playing at. Just wanted to hear some other opinions.

Last year my thoughts were terrible on the same kind of thing. I thought AP was a product of the system and could be easily replaced(he had a monster year in NY).

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