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Remember Big O tre?When was the last time a Player was suspended for a PLAYOFF GAME?


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Anyone know of anyone?

I myself can not remember the last time a player got suspended for a playoff game.........I had totally forgot about big old Tre getting all crazy in that Lions game for making contact with an official in the lions game back in 99, and he was suspended for the first game of next years regular season........so EVEN if they were to suspended him, we should EXPECT IT TO BE NEXT YEAR NOT THIS YEAR.........

I love taylor to death.......could care less if he spit or did not, but this picture they have up is kind of funny:

Check out the Rumer Mill on Pro Football Talk:


3. Taylor Won't Be Suspended For Next Week's Game.

One of the biggest questions in the wake of Redskins safety Sean Taylor's ejection for putting a loogie in the face mask of a guy who knows a thing or two about antisocial behavior, Bucs running back Michael "Bumper Cars" Pittman, is whether the league will suspend Taylor for next week's showdown against the Seahawks.

Though most think it's unlikely that the league would force Taylor out of a divisional playoff game, no one (to our knowledge) has pointed to the best piece of evidence in support of the conclusion that Taylor will play.

In a playoff game against the Lions seven years ago, Redskins offensive lineman Tre' Johnson made contact with an official during a fight. Johnson was suspended for one game. But the suspension applied to the first game of the following regular season, not to the next playoff game.

So look for the league to do the same thing here, if the ultimate decision is to suspend Taylor for doing something that plenty of women across the country would love to do to Pittman.

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