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The Seahawks remind me of.....


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The 1987 San Francisco 49ers! They were the team to beat but was upset by a red hot Minnesota Viking team in the playoff tournament, who we beat to advance to the Superbowl that year. I think Seattle can be compared to that 49er team in a lot of ways and the 2005 Redskins can be compared to the 1987 Vikings.

Regular Season

Week 1 Sep 13 L 30-17 at Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 2 Sep 20 W 27-26 at Cincinnati Bengals

Week 4 Oct 5 W 41-21 at New York Giants

Week 5 Oct 11 W 25-17 at Atlanta Falcons

Week 6 Oct 18 W 34-28 vs St. Louis Cardinals

Week 7 Oct 25 W 24-22 at New Orleans Saints

Week 8 Nov 1 W 31-10 at Los Angeles Rams

Week 9 Nov 8 W 27-20 vs Houston Oilers

Week 10 Nov 15 L 26-24 vs New Orleans Saints

Week 11 Nov 22 W 24-10 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 12 Nov 29 W 38-24 vs Cleveland Browns

Week 13 Dec 6 W 23-12 at Green Bay Packers

Week 14 Dec 14 W 41-0 vs Chicago Bears

Week 15 Dec 20 W 35-7 vs Atlanta Falcons

Week 16 Dec 27 W 48-0 vs Los Angeles Rams

Post Season


Playoffs Jan 9 L 36-24 vs Minnesota Vikings

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Wow, good call. I was just thinking about that game this morning (didn't Anthony Carter go nuts?). I was trying to remember a situation like the 'Skins going to Seattle as 9 point dogs next week.

Anyway, I was telling folks at work all last week that the TB game would be tougher. For some reason I'm not too worried about the Seahawks.


hey I'm a "waterboy" instead of a cheerleader now...that's a step up?!?!

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