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1000th Post from back in oct, The Word Got Out!!!!


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Joe Gibbs is Building a Champion!!!!

It's only been the 2nd year back for Joe Gibbs and all of a suddon the Redskins have gotten the respect they once had under his leadership in the 80's and 90's. We are watching our team go down to the wire, and even out playing teams in two of the hardest stadiums to win in which is Denver and KC.

Only by turn overs did we lose these games "and as we all know" turnovers are something teams and indivisuals can and will work through, example Tiki Barber and the Giants. You better believe a Joe Gibbs team will work them out too my fellow Redskin fans (and when we do) that will make our offense worth another 10-17 points per game, which is good enough to beat any team in todays NFL.

Mark Brunell has done nothing but impressed me this year, (matter of fact) I don't know if any other quarter back in the league today is throwing as accurate as he is, and even scambling to keep drives alive. Clinton Portis, well lets open a few more holes for the man offensive line, we all know he can take it the distance.

Santana Moss!!! Finaly the man gets to prove how good of an athlete he really is. Not only can he catch about any ball thrown his way, but his (RAC) "run after catch" is one of the best in the NFL, if not THE best. Defense!!! We are NOT as good as we was last year "only because of a few injuries" which are minor, and one of the hardest hitters and best tacklers in the league still learning the system and/or obedience, thats all us fans were told *so I will leave it at that*.

So all the ingredients are there, the coaches are just shaking and mixing them, and all things that are shaken and mixed end up coming together. (Stats that Nobody has mentioned) I have watched Joe Gibbs build champions from 1981 when he first signed with the Redskins, in his second year as a coach in 1982, he won a Superbowl. He retires and goes to nascar, in his second year he wins the Championship. This man is blessed and no-matter where he goes or what he does, "he builds Champions". And as you see, it doesn't take him long at all to build them either.

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