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I was just thinking, how awesome the skins are.

I mean Gibbs is ridiculous, he was right about Brunell, are you kidding me!?!?!??!

And everyone used to talk about his halftime adjustsments right?? Well those same famous halftime adjustments, turning into offseason adjustments between his 1st and 2nd years.

He can adjust to anything. I mean think of the moves, Coles for Moss!?!??! Thats a bad move right, Moss is always hurt and Coles played well for us. Turns out, it was without a doubt the best move in the entire NFL this past offseason, anyone who argrues that point is stupid. The guy is 2nd in the NFL in receiving, and how many TD's does he have!?!?! Coles was fast but for some reason could not get seperation or make a huge play over 15 yards to save his life. Thats all Moss does!!!

Portis is a system back, yeeeahhhhh, please. He has made a game saving run for 4 weeks now. Each one better than the one prior to it. I cant think of one against the cowboys b/c they suck so bad that we blew them out. So actually 3 GW winning runs. Arizona, NY, and now Philly. A normal skins team if they had gotten this far would have blown it against Philly, I was dying the whole game cause i thought we would.

But this is a special team, and its a special time.

BTW Sean Taylor is sick, with the hits he laid on the RB's of the Eagles they didnt want to gain yards anymore, where is that Oldskool guy I argued with for months on how we should draft Taylor instead of Udeze. Speaking of where Oldskool is, where the hell is Udeze????

Taylor is and was a cant miss player, i cant help but take credit for calling it ever since he was a freshman at Miami, go back and search the threads, i was calling a draft for Taylor prior to his sophmore year.

But that doesnt matter we are so awesome.

Welcome to Detriot Cityyyyyyy!!!!!

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