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I'm visiting DC for the game, WHERE DO I GO TO WATCH THE GAME!?!?1?!?!?1?!?!


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Fellow Hogs!!!!!!11

Go Redskins!!!!!!!!!! I have been a very loyal Redskins fan my whole life (I've lived in NJ and PA) and promised myself when I was a child that I'd either be at the first possible at home Redskins playoff game or go to Washington DC for the playoffs when they got there. I have of course closely watched every season and waited and waited and waited...

This is very exciting for time for all Redskins fans, and I'll be joining everyone this weekend! I'm so excited to go to DC. I've only been there once or twice for short periods of time, and I'm confused on where to go; can someone help me please?

What I'm wondering is, is there any official event, special sports bar, or anything BIG going on that I should be a part of? Where are all the big Skins fans going to watch the game? I want to go somewhere LOUD!!!!!!:dallasuck



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