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Buccs: Bad Karma

number twenty-eight

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Buccs: Bad Karma

As I think about our game Saturday, I'm increasingly skeptical about our opponent. There is this undeniable force in the universe which bring things to the middle. The tendency for the bounces to even out in a game, a season, whatever portion of time you consider. For every yin, a yang and so forth.


Week 03 v GB: Tampa Bay wins 17-16. Winning margin provided by missed extra point from Ryan Longwell. First missed point-after try in 157 attempts.

Week 04 v DET: Detroit's Marcus Pollard catches winning touchdown with seconds to play. Referees overturn the play, contrary to all replay evidence and convention.

Week 05 @ NYJ: Ronde Barber punches referee Butch Hannah. Defying every convention the league applies to its treatment of officials, Barber is neither ejected nor penalized and later even appealed his $30k fine. Note that this was the same week Baltimore was penalized 21 times and had two ejections in Detroit.

Week 10 v WSH: Well, this is ground well covered.

Week 11 @ ATL: Buccs benefit from a mystery fumble courtesy of Michael Vick. Vick fumbles without being touched deep in Falcon territory with a minute to play in a tie game. Buccs kick a figgy and Atlanta's own 58yd field goal misses as time expires.

Week 16 v ATL: Falcons take the Buccs to overtime where the Buccs promptly fumble the kickoff on their own 18. Falcons drive to the 10 before lining up for their figgy which is blocked. Buccs and Falcons are equally futile in overtime (Buccs even missing a figgy) before Buccs capped off this ridiculous contest with a 41yd boot with 19 seconds to play.

The Buccs are living on borrowed time. They are perhaps the least impressive playoff team I can remember. Look fast Bucc fans, your 2005 "accomplishments" earned you a week 18 beat down.

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