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Levitra and the Linc


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The Eagles team inflate a tunnel, that has an Eagles Helmet at the outer end. The grounds crew inflate the tunnel and helmet before the Eagles are introduced. On the side of the tunnel is a Levitra advertisement.

After the eagles take the field, the tunnel and helmet are quickly deflated, and stowed away for the next time.

Does anyone else find the symbolism of this disturbing? We know Philly is a flaccid team, but do they need to advertise it?

Oh wait. It seems the drug company is a stadium sponser....

(Tongue slightly in cheek...)

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The Eagles stadium (Lincoln Financial Cener) is one of the nicest professional sports venues that I have ever seen. I won't bother to describe the noteworthy features becasue I don't want to run he risk of being lectured by the readers on this site that I am disparaging or drawing comparisons to Fed Ex Field. But, trust me, it is awesome and was definitely designed with the fans in mind. It's worth a visit to a game...

Now, the fans themselves are another issue...

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I agree, it is nicer (and newer) than Fed Ex from a physical plant perspective. The fans on the club level had no issues with peeps wearing B & G...."in their nest: as it were.

But the whole phallic symbol with a levitra ad just radiated one thing to me....."DUMB."

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