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Guts and wisdom gets the R team where they are now..


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To all Redskin Fans and Redskins Players (former and present), this is my attempt for a profound support statement to rally everyone together for R team!

Its the Redksins TIME

Its the Redskins PLACE

Its the Redskins PLAYOFF time in 2006

Its the Redskins 4 offensive and defensive players and FANS everywhere

(no individual can win alone)

Its R HISTORY of everyone (including bad game calls by officials & game coverage by announcers on sports TV and attempts by press to turn our players into a TO situation) denial of R faith in R owners, coaches and players of R team to play together, play clean and play strong...................

Its SUPER we have a team of blood and guts playing

Its R the all the players, coaches and fans surrounding the BOWL goal to win

Its R team; its R time; its R now, it R destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wins or the other alternative in the past, its time to come together; "We R family"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God willing, for we all have the faith; Go Washington Redskins, Daniel, Joe, Coaches, and the Washington Redskins players and FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wehave prayers for the players health, wisdom and strength for the games ahead.

FOR YOU, players and coaches we are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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