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D line has 2 show up because DBs are sucking it up


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36_7_1.gif We must get to simms this week our he will eat up the DBs & all I know is that highway27 stays open for all WRs that line up on him.So we must get to the bucs QB with the Dline. I hate to say it but if we blitze taylor,clark,prioleau or springs we will be sitting ducks because the rest of the DBs are really sucking it up.Please let at least one Dlinemen play his ass off so we can get the win.
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I dunno how much the DB's are sucking as much as they are injured. I mean for half the game we played without our 2 starting corners. Next week we will hopefully get Carlos back and hopefully Springs will be able to play even though his injury could be serious.

We had a p-squad CB starting for most of the game.

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