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The Official 12th man on the road thread...


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Alright, I know this isn't a home game, but it mys' well be. Only 2 hours North on 95 is the site of the Skins last regular season game. A bunch of people have been talking about going from a bunch of different boards. I plan on tailgating in Lot U, where the Vet used to be.

So far we have the following....

Turkey Fryer for Wings, Pez, I'll be making them in your honor. I just hope mine aren't better! :laugh:


Red Phoenix will be bring Chilie.

List what you can bring and let's make this a day to be remembered. A day we win in Philly to make it into the Playoffs!!


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I picked up some tickets for the philly game. I am really looking to find a fan bus going to philly so that I can get hammered and cheer on those skins. Anyone have any ideas about where i should look or who i should be contacting. Thanks a lot.

GO SKINS, playoffs 06!

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Sure, why not.

Figure on 10ish. I guess I should have paid attention to what time the game started.

I didnt notice what time the game started until a couple hours ago ,I dont care when we set up ,ITs what time I start drinking that IM worried about ILL have to pace myself.

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