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Dirthogs: New nickname what do you think?


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:dallasuck :gaintsuck :eaglesuck Since the dirtbags thing never took off and we have old man Ray in there I think the name needs a little tweeking. It's time for the new improved dirthogs to bang our way through the playoffs. Who's line is playing at a higher level then (ours)? Nobody!!!!! So let the baby muddy pigs bring slobberknockin snotbubblin football back to the nations capital.

?'s what do you'all think about the new name? In honor of this the funkdoctor will change his surname and become what he has dubbed others.

:cheers: :helmet:

No one could stop the hogs. Who's gonna stop the dirthogs.

dirtypigs are#1

What a christmas gift indeed. One left to go. Stay focused and blow them off the ball.

Stupid ? # 1 How do I change my name.

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