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Should Lavar Take A Pay-Cut?!?!?!?

UnKle RUku$

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All you guys talking need to hush up! It's pure blastphemy to speak of a man who has been hurt and is still trying to get back in game shape after all he has been through! Early this year, Gregg stated that he wasn't looking good in practice, and we cant give him time yet! ...Which he probably wasn't, I agree we cant use him hurt!!! HE IS STILL REHABBING!!! Injuries to the knee when young takes atleast 2 - 3 years to get back into the shape it was. Look at Brunell for instance, Last year everyone wanted his head because he couldnt throw the long ball, and was immobile last year when we went 5-11!!! Lavar was out!!! Lets not get into worth because we al know Brunell isnt work the 35 mil we gave him, he will give us one more year and Ramsey will be traded in the off-season for a d-lineman or a draft pick. Then here come's Number 17 Jason Campbell to save the day! This team will be great, we can not let or franchise slip away becasue I guarantee he will be in a NFC East Uniform if he leaves!!! The kid is young and has alot of football left. I would expect more from you guys!!!

Skinz Ride or Die!!!! 4 Life!!!

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