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when was the last time we redskins fans....


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could look back at a season and have so many memorable moments to point out during the course of the regular season?

whether we make it to the playoffs or not thisyr, i know we are heading towards the right direction.

as for my fav moment of the yr is when we beat the cowboys in dallas and watching snyder in the box jumping up and down with hands up in the air like a little boy full of joy!

I would like to know what is your fav moment of this yr!

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i can't say what my favorite moment is yet.i'm seriously beginning to think we have a legitimate shot at going to the Super Bowl.who is in our way?Seattle?beat them.Chicago?beat them.Giants?beat them.Carolina?they can't handle the stinkin cowboys.Tampa?we beat them too but lost the game.Atlanta is the only team we don't already have success against this year.but for now my favorite moment is still one week from being finished and that's going to be stomping the stinkin cowboys,stomping the giants,and then stomping philly to finish the reg. season on the way to the playoffs.it's been a long time since we've had success in our division and that's always been our weak spot in the 20+ years i've been a believer.the cardinals used to beat us and they've always sucked.

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