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This may be best for next year, unless we have a home field playoff game. But would anybody like to join me in taking pictures of all the HOTTIES at these Redskins Gatherings? I mean... Was it me or in MY section there were like 20 women black and white and asian wearing super tight jeans and those boots, and looking SUPER phat. But i had NO camera...

I say with the Cheerleader pics, and the random Fan's pics, there should be some pics of Hotties at the game. I mean the camera man had this one SUPER hot blonde on the jumbo tron for like 40 seconds during a TV timeout in the 2nd quarter... If only he saw section 311...


Did Santana Claus bring you all YOU wanted for xmas?

(I stole 'santana claus' from somebody)

[Joe]Gibbs-[Frank]Robinson for President/Vice President in '08!

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