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FINALLY, there are solid reasons for real hope. Not since the end of the final 11 game streak under Marty has there been such a sense of possibility.

This is a team that is now showing it knows how to win, to overcome in-game adversity - - repeatedly -- and win. This is a team with a true tenacity of purpose and a return to a real identity.

Are we great? Not by a long shot. Do we give up too many big plays, still? You bet. Do we have some weaknesses that need addressing? Of course.

But this is a team that has gotten its footing, and with it, also has found the path and the patterns to win, finally. For perhaps only the second time in 14 years (the end of marty's tenure possibly being the first),this is a team that allows us to believe, again.

The season could end here and now and it would be a HUGE success. Return to winning football, a sense of ultimate inevitability borne of confidence and motivation. No matter what happens for the rest of this season, next year holds the realistic possibility of the team going very very far, assuming a productive offseason and healthy players at the key skill positions.

It has been a long, long time since anyone of us could truly- - down deep in our secret hearts where the football truths reside -- say this. True,two or three games does not guarantee future performance, but the pride is back. The sense that we have the determination, the coach and his destiny to return to greatness over the next 13 months.

I awakened this morning as I'm sure so many of my Redskin brothers did, with a sense that the world had returned to the way it is supposed to be. I felt a sense of quiet ebullience that I believe now will carry forward. It was like the return of a good friend who had been gone for a long time. And I felt gratitude to Coach Gibbs who is responsible, at the end of the day, for the return of real hope for a tremendous future.

What a terrific Christmas present!

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