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These last couple weeks have felt like good ole times


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I must admit that the way these guys were playing and how the 12th man the last couple of weeks has been real strong, the offensive and defensive playcalling has been cuttroat, and it really is reminding to Gibbs first stint. It has been a joy and pleasure to watch. Everybody offensively and defensively have been getting the job done consistently and I think this team can beat anyone in this league right now. 12th man has made it very RFK like the last couple of weeks too. I never thought that place would get the feeling of a shaking stands and great emmotion on the side of the fans. We need to keep it up. I wish I could go up to Philly and cheer these guys on so they can have as much support on the road as possible. Have any of you had that feeling of Nostalgia?

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Mos def this seems to be the case.

Two things that made me realize we are on the right path

1. My grandfather of 80+ years of age today said during the post game interview with Gibbs, "Man lookin like old times w/ Gibbs"

2. On the outside this evening, I'm going to CVS and in awww of all the Redskins fans that were out. The aura of the area was very nice

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