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If Brunell is out next week....


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Redskins | Injury update: M. Brunell

Sat, 24 Dec 2005 14:35:11 -0800

Updating previous reports, the Associated Press reports Washington Redskins QB Mark Brunell (knee) has a sprained right MCL. He will have an MRI Monday, Dec. 26, and has "a chance" of playing next week, according to director of sports medicine Bubba Tyer.

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Guys, i should apologize, i think i caused this.

Ok, i was at the game and was watching then i heard someone say "Osi needs to get in the game" or something like that. I then say to the person next to me "wow, no sacks so far in the game".


Brunell out. Now, he was able to play the rest of the game so i wouldnt think its too bad, but lord, i dont have much faith in ramsey especially when he was flustered at home! How is he going to do well in philly?

Now, i hope he does well but i sure want brunell to be iin the roster at least at 75%

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Listen guys lets look at that bright side of Ramsey playing.

#1 Ramsey throws the ball downfield. Brunell occasionally likes to throw the dump pass and screens too much. We neeed to throw the ball deep and down the field sometimes. This gives you the oppurtunity for big plays or even pass inteference and even if its picked off at least its way down the field. Furthermore it makes the run game more effective.

#2 I think Brunell became too comfy throwing the ball to Moss and Cooley and thats all. Maybe Patrick can spread the ball around more thus making teams actually cover our other receivers. When this happens Moss can get single coverage.

So something good can occur even if Brunell cant play. Patrick just cant commit turnovers.

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I believe that Ramsey is the best back-up QB in the NFL today.

The man is a beast! Every time I see him on the sideline watching Mark, he has his helmet on. That says something about this man's character.

Then on that one timeout with a formation problem, you could see the fustration in his actions as to say "DUHHHHHH get your butt in the right place!!!"

I watched the game at the bar, and the skins fans groaned "Oh no, not Ramsey...."

I wanted to tell them, "Watch this, he is going to blow your mind."

But I didn't, they were strangers.

And his first 5 attempts, he makes 4 of them(the one he missed, he threw it away on purpose) including a TD!

In fact, I prefer Ramsey over Brunell. Don't get me wrong, I love Mark's game, but when it comes to crunch time to pulls us from behind late in the game, he has been choking.

Ramsey is a beast like I said, a man who is hungry! You can see it in his eyes, you can see it in his actions. He wants his chance, and he is more than ready for it.

The problem with Ramsey is he played in that Fun n Gun system that had no blocking.

Snider tried to kill that kid. He was leading the league in sacks before his body finally gave out to an injury.

But a blind man could see that Ramsey was a tough, level headed warrior in a bad situation.

I expect nothing but great things from Ramsey. I wouldn't mind seeing him go on a KILLER trade, but anything short on that, I want him here.

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We need Brunell at this point in the season, especially on the road with our whole season riding on the outcome of the game in philly. Don't forget, the boyz also won today. If we lose @ philly and the boyz win, we'er outta there.

D@mn Carolina. I thought they were a better team... :doh:

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