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Merry Christmas!!!! We almost have the Division!!!!!!


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Daniel, Joe, Coaches and "Boys"!

Thank you for the win, the best Christmas PRESENT ever; Mark, take care of that knee, we NEED you! However, Ramsey, fastastic back up plays!!!!!!!!!

Clinton, Santana, Cooley and all.......................YOU have made our holiday season, one that you have worked hard for and we will be supporting you, as always thru the rest of the year......


Super Bowl?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you all and your families!:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck :movefast: :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :helmet: :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo: :logo: :allhail: :wave: :obvious: :king: :dj: :writing: :dance:

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