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T-shirts are done for the game tomorrow!!!


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Wassup everybody, this is Hollywood stoppin' through with an update on my new exclusive Redskins t-shirts that I'll be sellin' at the game 2morrow. What will be available is 4 custom designed Redskins tranfer T-shirts with a fifth design being SUPER exclusive and short in quantity. Sizes will be 3 & 4x and price will be from $30-$40 apiece. Incase some of you don't know what a tranfer shirt is, I have a couple of sample pic's below that are ONLY available from my line: Hollywood Clothing Co. http://www.hollywoodclothingco.com Here is the list of designs you can expect to see 2morrow, with everyone unique in it's own way. For more info. or to purchase anything you see here, I can be contacted at 240.432.7384. I hope you enjoy, and let's go kill some Giants!!!!

1. Shawn Springs a.k.a The Straight Jacket

2. Clinton Portis a.k.a The Blur

3. Marcus Washington a.k.a The Shocker

4. Sean Taylor a.k.a The Grim Reaper

and last but not least.....I did this one for all the TRUE Redskins faithful.....

5. Bill "Tuna" Parcells

Why would a Redskins fan wanna wear a t-shirt with Parcells on it???? Wait until you see the picture, then you'll understand....

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