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'Skins v. Giants - Inside the Numbers


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From NFL.com, how each team ranks w/in the league some key statistics:

Team Offense

NYG - 8th

WAS - 12th

Rushing Offense

NYG - 6th

WAS - 7th

Statistically, dead even! 4.6 vs. 4.2 on yards per attempt 135.6 vs 134 yards per game

Passing Offense

NYG - 11th

WAS - 19th

Total Defense

WAS - 7th

NYG - 22nd

Rushing Defense

NYG - 11th

WAS - 12th

Statistically, dead even!! 4.0 vs 4.1 on yards per attempt & 105.4 vs 106.5 on yards per game

Passing Defense

WAS - 9th

NYG - 25th

TO Ratio

NYG - 5th

WAS - 20th*

* Up from dead last at one point in the season!!

Seems to support a lot of the "conventional wisdom" and "strategizing" that has gone on here this week, especially the conclusion that it will be a close game.

Both teams are used to rushing for significantly more yards than either team's defense is used to allowing.

Big plays kept the Giants pass defense from being even worse statistically. They rank above average in sacks & interceptions.

If 'Skins win - or just push - in the turn over battle, you have to like their chances.



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