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Cowboys Suck - A Christmas Tune


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Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”


Cowboys suck, Cowboys suck …

yes we all agree

The Cowboys are just whiny butts

‘cause the Redskins they en…..vy

They hung their heads and cried from shame

as they went down in defeat

And even diehard Cowgirl fans,

must admit that they really stink


Cowboys Suck, Cowboys Suck

Today we sure did see

The Cowboys played like little girls

in blue and gray panties

The Skins dominated the entire game

and just refused to yield

And scattered Cowboy carcasses…

all over the field

35 to 7 was an awesome victory

The Cowboys played like little girls sitting down for tea

The Redskins sent them packing back to stinkin’ D’

While Redskins fans laughed and sang “Fight for Old D….C”

OHH ....

Cowboys Suck, Cowboys Suck …today we all did see

The Redskins were their Daddies – to that you would agree

When the Cowboys slinked off FedEx field

unable to run or pass

They headed back to Stinking D….knowing that


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