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Watching the Cowboy game gave me more joy than any Skins game I've seen in years. First, both lines played well; which is were winning begins. We were physical on both sides of the ball. We ran the ball, stopped the run and got pressure from our front four.

Most importantly, we're back to playing real football (blocking/tackling) as opposed to gadget play and we got to see the distinction between play calling and execution. Here, we saw the same counter tre, wr screen, te screen and Moss on a 9. The team executed and did not turn the ball over, which kills drives and, more importantly, it kills the play calling rhythm. Execution leads to first down, which leads to more opportunites to set up plays which leads to play that catch the defense off guard.

What I enjoyed the most was it seemed like all the work Joe's put in for the past 2 years came to fruition. He finally got to see all that he's worked on with his players at practice become a reality in the game.

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