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12/19/05 Dateline. Landover,Maryland. AP:

In a shocking development, Redskins owner Dan Synder announced after the Redskins 35-7 blowout win over Dallas that he was opening up more seats on the Redskins Bandwagon. Known for his marketing style, this move seemed to have caught many cowboys fans by suprise. Said Mr Snyder "We feel it only appropriate that this organazation extend the tradition, the loyalty, the family that is the Washington Redskins to those less fortunate during the holiday season. There have been a flurry of request since the announcement. One man who wishes only to be refered to as J.J put it this way, "I have been waiting for years to have this dream come to reality, How bout them Redskins". Sources say that seating is limited so please be sure and act fast.

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