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Section 445 holding it down!


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I sat in section 445 the VERY TOP nose bleed seats. My seats are right next to the FEDEX metal boards and we were pounding away on those puppies EVERY snap on defense, after succesful offensive plays, and of course after TD's.

I can honetly say I did my part to make my section one of the loudest sections in fedex. I have the blisters on my hands from punding those FedEx boards to prove it. Those things are awesome, turning shameless advertisements into massive drums/ noise makers hehe.

Oh yeah, all dallas fans got RIPPED new ones lol! "Boy, it sure do get cold when you're losing WOOO!!!!!" That was me screaming the entire time "MICHAEL STRAHAN" HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS WOOO!"

Needless to say all the cowboys fans in our section left by halftime!!!!!!


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