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Now does the Team believe?


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Being a lurker more than a poster, decided emerge from the shadows and post this question to the forum. What do you think a win such as the one last night does to cement Gibbs and his system for the team? Sure there were some who knew who and cared who Gibbs was coming in, but some people are always slow to buy-in.

Going from squeeking out a win in Dallas against a team that has for the past 10 years dominated the Skins, to later the same season absolutly owning them, has to have some effect. Think this squashed any lingering doubt some players may have harbored? Just curious what ya'lls take on this would be.

Also wondering iwhat affect this will have on the younger ES poster that missed Gibbs era 1 and are always calling for Gibb's head. Can only be good one would imagine :D

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