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It was a long time ago, but in the dark dank alleys of my mind I seem to remember a time when the Redskins had the best coaching staff in the league. It was a time when no team in the NFL was as good at making halftime adjustments as the Skins of Washington. There was always cause for hope as long as Joe Gibbs was on the sidelines.

...then the story took a turn for the worse when an offensive whiz kid named Turner came to town. Suddenly the Skins became a first half team, a team that would conduct impressive and efficient opening drives that seemed so well constructed, one may have been led to conclude that they were scripted. But it was also a team that fell apart at the seams...a team that seemed incapable of changing on the fly, the most significant coaching contributions seemed to be a relentless zeal for picking on the rookie cornerback fresh of the truck from Palooka Ville, it was a team that seemed to get "solved" far too often as the game went on and had no counter-punch to throw. Anyway, we are all too familiar with the gory details.

That is why I was so heartened to hear the new ballcoach for the Washington Redskins, down 17-0 at the half, the first taste of halftime NFL adversity fresh in his mouth (be it ever so modest), tell the venerable Jeff Bostic: ..."tell the fans not to leave, because I promise we'll be better in second half." and then deliver on that promise to the tune of 35 points. Yes it is the pre-season, yes it is hyperbole (for now), yes it was conducted by second and third stringers against second and third stringers, but you can only play the game that is placed in front of you, and so far Spurrier has been the most impressive Redskin in camp. Nay Sayers will pooh-pooh it, but their arguments ring hollow...just a string of "yeah buts"...and when all you can say is "yeah but" more often than not, you better cover your nuts.

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