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Lawrence Tynes and Mike Mcmahon have pissed me off!!


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piece of sh.............!

mike mcmahon needs to learn some ball handling skills

and lawrence tynes should hav made that kick. F********!

Its all good, we can put Dallas out ourselves this sunday and if a beat up team like Philly can almost put Ny away, then we deifinately will and and so will KC next week. :dallasuck

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Yea, I was pissed off myself when Tynes missed that kick...especially after they got his sorry a*s in kicking distance.:dallasuck

not just did he get in to field goal range, but trent green got them there from their own like 30 in less than 20 seconds, and it wasnt all tynes's fault, the snap was low but he still shouldve drilled it down the middle. Damn Cowboys got LUCKY

:dallasuck :gaintsuck

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I live about 50 miles from KC right now. I'll be heading into town later this week to find one of Tynes' jerseys to set on fire.

It was all Tynes fault, as the ball was in place and lined up correctly with enough time for him to kick it straight. He got rattled because the snap was a little off, and let it get to him. Clown.

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