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Brunell, I can't figure him out??


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Half time, we are losing by seven, and Brunell having possibly his worst game of the season. Could the timing be any worse?? We finally had a shred of hope, other teams were losing, we won last week, and now he is having his worst game outside the Giants game.

I want to believe the defense will get us back in the game, but if they don't, our hopes will be basically shattered, and can only hope other teams can meltdown to keep us in the race.

The second half of this game will determine in my opinion if Brunell deserves to finish the season as the starting QB. I said that was my opinion, not the opinion I think everyone will have, so leave me alone when I say I want to hand the ball to the future of this team to give him the needed experience to get off to a good start next year.

I hope he makes this a null view by coming out and having the best 2nd half of the year. See, I haven't given up on him, I just have to look at the facts of a possible loss, and the moral of the team afterwards.

Go Mark, go show them how wrong I am please!!!

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