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I MIGHT have 2 DAL tickets for sale....


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I just paid $300.00 for 2 tickets on E-Bay (item# 6586324595 in case you want to check it out). Corner of the end-zone, section 449, row 10. It's going to be my girlfriends first game. Turns out my Mom might just be able to get 4 tickets so I can go with my sister and her fiance also! If she can get the 4 I will sell the 2 tickets I now have for $300. I know that's above face value, but it also means I won't be making any money on them! I could probably sell the tickets for more on E-Bay as the game approaches (and we beat ARI), but would like to give first shot at them to an Extremeskins.com member, and a die-hard Redskins fan!

Payment will only be accepted via PAYPAL and you must be ready to pay immediately. Please include $4.00 so I can ship them USPS Priority Mail. It will take about 3 business days for you to receive them.

Please PM me if you are interested and already have a PAYPAL account set up. I have been a long-time member of Extremeskins and not some newbie out to make a buck or scam somebody out of their money. First PM gets first crack at the tickets. If they can't pay then I'll go down the list.

Alan J. Watson III

me and my sister paryting with the DTC Jan. 2, 2005 vs. MIN:

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I've been scouting them on E-Bay for the last month. Didn't think I'd be able to get work off, but then my GM, as a "X-Mas present", got me off for the 18th and 24th! So I've got tickets to both games.

E-Bay bids are starting low, but after the 7 day auction period ends they are around $300. I didn't feel like risking not getting any and used the "buy it now" feature. So, at worst I have two tickets, will go with my girl, sister, and her fiance, and will sell the extras outside of the stadium.

I'd rather let someone here purchase them though. I should know by the end of the night what is up.

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allright. i got the set of 4 tickets. i now have 2 tickets available for purchase. i am charging exactly what i paid for them-- that's $300.00 plus shipping. section 449, row 10, 2 seats. game time has been changed to 415PM. if i don't receive any PM's by 10pm tonight inquiring about the tickets with method of payment through PAYPAL ready to go. i'll send the tickets USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail-- whichever is preferred.

Alan Watson

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