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We need a pass rush on opposing QB. So in the offseason i thinking we could sign john abraham or draft a free agent in the 2rd which do you think would be better?

We also need a better SS i think, so if we get one who would you think would be a better fit for the redskins? i was thinking if we get a vetran DE then we should draft Laron Landry with the 2rd pick.

Also last thing we should sign is an #1 WR or #2 WR i was thinking Andre Johnson or TO because Most people i know are saying we would take him because joe gibbs has dealed with players like him. and we could put a behavior clause in his contract.

If we get a DE then we could get at least a better pass rush with our front 4

then we get a WR to make our offense better because you can't double team either moss or TO/Johnson because you get beat up and then portis and cooley can hurt you if you forget about them.

Is any of my acqusitions possible?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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