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where was santana?


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why did we totally go away from our best option on offense. if we lose , i rather lose with the people that give us the best chance to win. i dont understand why we would coach differntly against good teams than we do against san fran. for the most part good things happen when we throw to moss. he should get at least 3 or 4 go routes a games cause not only does he have a chance to score a touchdown, he also has a chance to get a penalty against the defense. i know im an armchair quarterback but i think we need to stretch defenses out. and santana moss gives us the best chance to do that.

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i know that when keyshan or TO complain about not getting the ball enough the media rips them for being selfish, but i think that santana would be completely validated to be upset with the way they dont use him late in games.
i dont have access to film of the chargers secondary on evry play but you gota FIGURE THERE CAME A POINT WHERE the chargers started doubling up on him, iv said it before ill say it again , MOSS cooley , and well thats it we need another playmaker on offense
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