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Why Were The Skins Picked To Finish Last In The Nfc East


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Although I am new to this site I have been a die hard for many years. I have posted two threads on how Joe should go, but I have a legit question for Skins' fans

It is a fact, not opinion, that a majority of the media picked the Redskins to have a losing season that did not include the playoffs. My question is why? The D is top notch and returned most of its core(minus Smoot, we would be the top D again if he was back, no doubt). The O is LOADED with star calibur players(Clinton, Santana, O line, at least quality in QB).

My answer is everyone outside Skins' nation knows that Gibbs system wont work this time around but I would like to hear the other side. Please note the Skins were not expected to make the playoffs by a vast majority of the media, although obviously not ALL, so do not debate that fact but rather why the media thought that way.

Could it be the history of the Skins having many years where the turn around was expected to happen and never did? My opinion is that writers are professionals and I doubt they take the jinx factor in to their predictions..but let me know what you think

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