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12th man Remember the Norv Turner Era


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That time of the week again guys. We get 8 games a year where we can truly make an impact and be that advantage to puts us over the Top. This week is no different.

However what is different is the extra incentive we have to play for.

OK guys think back to 1994-2000. Those were the years that Norv Turner was coach of the skinz.

There were a few good times (very few). And there were some truly painful times.

Think back to all of the painful losses. Think of the collapses of 1996 and 2000 when we started off as 7-1 and 6-2 and ended up 9-7 and 8-8 and couldn't even get into the playoffs. Think of the draft mistkes of Heath Shuler, Michael Westbrook

Now I'm not saying that Norv was to blame for all of this but he did have a lot to do with it.

I was only a child when this era was going on. But I can still remember the anger, the rage that I felt by this.

Now we get the chance to really di something about it. Remember all of the times where norv made you just want to go out and scream to the top of you lungs in anger.

Find that place. And let it all out during the game. Take what happened personally against Norv Turner

and the Raiders. Release all of the Anger this game!!!

Norv's got to feel what we felt those 7 seasons.

What better way to do it than us beating him tommorow.

So Come Early Get Loud and Show Him Exactly how you felt.

They think the Black whole is crazy, well they ain't got nothing on the 12th man at Fed Ex.

Let's get pumped. We need you guys tommorow. Any takers?

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