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What Happen to our Stock-pile?


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Remember back in the day when the Washington Redskins use too stock-pile Offensive linemen like an Lds food storage(a good thing). Teams would look to the Skins for their starting linemen in our second and third teams. Now look at the team. Pitiful! Remember when Ray Brown was a tight-end for the Skins, and when Brad Badger was on our Second team. It looks like we're going to sell a nut just to get one of these guys back.

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It's called the salary cap era. You show me a team that has no holes and an abundance of depth, and I'll show you the 1994 49'ers, in other words, cheaters.

Who would you rather have, Brad Badger as your backup OG, or Shane Matthews competing for a starting spot among your QB's? These are the kinds of trade-offs that teams must make. And yes, it sucks to see the young talent that you've developed walk to another team in free agency. Just ask Philly about how much they miss Trotter right now. ;)

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