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If you are like me, and you care primarily about sports titles, the X Box is the way to go. The first NFL game released with the X Box last year (the name escapes me) was phenomenal, not to mention the venerable Madden series as well. For sports titles, you cant go wrong with the X Box.

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I too have both systems and prefer the XBOX. The colors, graphics, game speed and memory capabilities are much better with the XBOX. True point made regarding game titles being more prevolent on the PS2, but like the counterpoint said. Look out for more to come down the pipe for the XBOX in the near future.

IMO sports games are better on the XBOX if you are into playing against the computer or your buddies. If you want to go online immediately. Go with PS2 - but XBOX's online should prevail over PS2 online capabilities in the long run. After all, XBOX was built for online gaming.

Dont forget, XBOX has a better DVD player with a killer ZOOOOOM feature. Great for those adult titles. LOL

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