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Some Insight on what needs to change...


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First of all I just want to say that despite the turnovers, I was proud to see that our offense was still very effective when playing agressively. But to have 3 times as many rushing yards as the other team(61yards rushing for the Bucs all game), forcing them to be a 1-sided offense, and still losing the game is what hurts the most.

Personally, I think they need to start giving more coverage in the back field. If we're going to leave men in 1v1 coverage, then atleast bring the hard blitzes more often. I think after the Giants game we became a little TOO concerned about the run. The Giants just had our number that day. With Lavar back in to hold the right side, I think we'll be just fine. Now we can pull our saftey(s) back and give our CB's some help.

If we can win these next 2 home games and keep our home streak alive, I feel that we'll have a shot.


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