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Eerily similiar to loss @ Dallas last year


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We only needed to make a first down on 3rd and 2 and then the game was over. Just like @ Dallas last year.....we ran the ball 3 times up the gut and couldn't ice it with a first down... then punted to give them another shot. Last year Testaverde hit Crayton for the most bitter defeat of the year...this year it was Simms to Sheppard. When you need ONE first down to ice the game you need to go for the jugular...that boot to Cooley is pretty tough to defend and worked on 4th and 2 earlier in the game.....you can't tell me that there is an NFL law that states you must run the ball up the gut 3 times and punt....when a team has no timeouts to stop the clock you have to FIND a way to get 10 yards. Not a sermon..just a thought.

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