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Take this win...build on it....and turn off the TV and throw away the Paper


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It is funny how all these mediots and writers think that they have the teams for the NFL post-season figured out.......For most the Bears have already won there division Atlanta/Carolina are going to come down to the wire and the Giants pretty much have the NFC East locked.......

Give me a break.......

There is no team in the NFC who in anyways are even close to having there post-season dreams secured....

I am not going to make any predictions, because quite honestly in today's NFL that is ridiculous.........

One thing I know, and it is such a cliche but so so true "Any given Sunday, any team can win" and because of that fact any 'bad' team can go on a winning streak and any 'good' team can go on a losing streak.......

As a skins fan, as of right now, all you can be thankful is this one thing which Gibbs said: the Skins are now in the position to play in 'big' meaningful games rather then desperate/season on the line type of games in the up coming weeks ahead.

To be honest I can not remember the last time we have been in that position.....it has to be back when Norv was here and we started 7-1.......DO YOU REMEMBER HOW THAT ENDED UP??

Do you also remember how the Eagles started the 03' season? 2-3 and they then went on to win 11 of there next 13.......and make it to the NFC championship game.

Do you remember how the Pats started there 01' season 1-4.......they then went on to win 10 of their next 12, become Super Bowl Champions and start one of the most succesful dynasties in Sports History......

What does this have to do with the Redskins? What does this have to do with everyone's 'playoff team predictions'.........what it means is the skins have to build of this win, carry the momentum in to the next game and that there after......being shut-out by the Giants is history.......the next eight games of this season is of there own-making and has nothing to do with Wilbon's or Sean Seaslburies (spelling?) predictions........ :point2sky

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