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A great win...


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... this is my first post. I have been lurking for awhile and enjoy reading all the great posts. A few things about the game last night.

First, I thought Gregg Williams did a great job calling the defense last night. He had guys in positions to make plays all night. When Philly came up with a big play it was usually due to a busted coverage or a missed tackle (Walt Harris). I also got tired of listening to that sorry ESPN trio talk all night about the lack of pressure on Mcnabb. I believe that was by design. If you watched the pass rush it looked as if the guys were more worried about staying in their lanes and containing Mcnabb rather then trying to get a sack every passing play. I think Gregg Williams figured Mcnabb would be more of a factor with his running last night without TO and designed a scheme to contain him. When he needed pressure he got it. Two of the biggest plays of the game he brought pressure, the last play of the game and at the start of the 4th quarter we got a sack to keep the Eagles from getting into field goal range.

I enjoyed watching us beat the Eagles last night just as much as any Redskin fan. But after all that has gone on this week I have a new found respect for Mcnabb. That guy could have easily gave into TO's BS and really hurt his team by firing back and starting a war of words. After watching him play last night he isn't anything but a gutsy player and he kept his team in the game last night when we had chances to get him for big losses. Except for his bone head play right before half.

I really like what I have seen form the team this year. They could have packed it in after last weeks disaster but they didn't. They came out and won a game that I think was a must win. It wasn't pretty but the rarely are in the NFC East. :eaglesuck

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