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Message to the Fans and Players.....win the war


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To all the men and women that serve and have pasted defending our country, I do not mean to compare war to football.

We got our butts kicked 36-0. It was an emotional game. I have come to understand that football is a game of emotions, and we could not match the G-men's intensity. A lot of you who do not live in the vecinity of New York will not understand how important a symbol Wellington Mara was to the Giants organization. But the emotions the Giants played with on Sunday gives you an indication. It was a Giants home coming. Sam Huff, Frank Gifford was there. The Mara family was singing anthems, leading memorials services, and the list goes on. And we had the unfortunate task of playing the G-men two days after Mara died.....it was like Chris said on Mike and the Mad Dog we were playing God. We lost our focus and that lead to a horrible game.

But we did the same thing in 2002 against the Colts. They were favored in the 70th anniversery game. Some how we went out there and beat them. So it goes both ways.

With that said do what Joe is doing right now......forget about it. Hopefully it won't be for another 89 years until we have to face a G-men teams playing in honor of it's owner. Take heart in the fact we played a Denver and KC team on the road. Denver just put up 49 points on the Eagles at Mile High. We are playing good football. Do not let this past Sunday stand as a litmus test on how good this team is. We have proven in 6 out of 7 games we're a legit football team. All the teams we have played except the 49ers have a winning record. Screw the Giants.

Think about the war, which in my opinion is to make the playoffs. Nobody thought we'd be good this year. They doubted Joe, Moss, Bru, everybody, and we're still standing. The beauty of the season is we have a chance to get them back, and if I can recall correctly PAY BACK IS A *****. :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

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