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Name that disease!


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St. George's Dance?


Enter your suggestion now for the name of medical/mental condition described below:

Sufferer experiences: 1) the inability to accept the reality of administration criminality and incompetency, 2) the belief that debts should be paid by one's children, 3) the belief in the godhood of members of Bush family, 4) erratic twitching in right arm and compulsive hailing, 5) visions of demonic dark skinned people, 6) the need to wrap one's body in an American flag and read the Bible, 7) the belief that one is being attacked by homosexuals with huge penises, 8) the belief that poor people should be forced to work for little or nothing because they are lazy, and 9) a tendency to equate receiving blowjobs with committing torture and treason.

Al Franken's disease.

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