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Some perspective on an excruciating loss.


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I haven't been around this board over the past few days. I thought that win or lose, after this week, I'd have more to say about Xs and Os, schemes and playcalling, individual matchups and philosophies about personnel, but nothing especially substantive comes to mind.

I will say this one thing though. You just have to throw this one totally out and forget it ever happened.

I remember in 1999, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured a first round BYE by going 11-5. This was in spite of losing a game in the last three weeks of the season (can't remember which week exactly) to the woeful Raiders by a score of 45-0. That team still went on to come ever so close (Ricky Proehl, the Bert Emmanuel controversy and subsequent rule, are a couple of items that come to mind.) Naturally, names like Dan Turk and Mike Alstott come to mind as well.

In addition, in 2003, the Bills handed the Patriots a shutout loss in a fairly similar fashion, 37-0. Well, that Patriots team not only returned the favor by beating Buffalo by that same score, but they also went on to win the Super Bowl.

Moral of the story, good teams take bad losses. You can't let one game take you down.

Whether you lose 14-13 or 45-0, it only counts as 1 in the W/L column. Here's to the possibility of a Redskins win this Sunday against Philly to raise our spirits once more.

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