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Cooley-Emergency kicker??


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I was at Giants stadium yesterday so I saw pregame warm-ups.. Cooley was kicking field goals.. He was money from about thirty three or four yards... Tried one from 41 and came up well short..Anyone know if he is our emergency kicker or was he just fooling around?? Later in the pregame he was kicking punts from the 50 and downing them inside the 1 haha...2 weeks ago at the home game vs the 49ers, Cooley, Brunell, Ramsey, and Kozlowski were pretending to play baseball in the pregame..With Cooley bending down like he was the catcher, Ramsey playing pitcher, and Brunell setting up behind Cooley as umpire..Is this type of activity good for players to stay loose and relaxed before the game? Or should they be more focused getting ready to battle for the next three hours? I couldn't help but think back to the pregame warm-ups after Cooley dropped a ball in the 1st half yesterday..As it is entertaining to watch all of this go on, it makes me nervous as to whether or not their minds are fully concentrated on getting a victory.

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