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An apology

Sherlock Holmes

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For my earlier thread. I suppose my anger and frustration fueled its motives.

Anyhow, will this make up for it??

Analysis of yesterdays game:

Mark Brunell: Is not being protected in the pocket. All our *big* plays are coming from him either dropping back a long way, rolling out, or stepping up when the defense is on Prevent/dime/whatever (Both td's against Dallas). Yesterday the Giants were the first team to suss him out. There defence did a great job of piling on the pressure on the offensive line, trying to rush him, and blitzing any rollout attempt.

Clinton Portis: Is a very fast explosive running back. BUT, he needs the offensive line to create those initial holes for him to exploit. Jerome Bettis is a Running back who doesnt need that offensive line to do that for him, he'll make his yards himself. POWER FOOTBALL!!

Our Defense: Is overpursuing and at times over agressive. I think Sean Tayor is a fantastic player. But on that first play he was over aggresive. Maybe it was the play call, and although i dont approve of freelancing safetys i do believe he shouldnt have tried to hit him as he reached the hole, instead wait for him to burst it and then hit him. Of course that point probably goes against our defense in general anyway!!

Any thoughts or disagreements?

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