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not the "same old skins"


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Yes, that was an absolutely horrendous game any way you look at it and it is easy to look at this game and think that nothing has changed from recent years when the team would continually choke in big games and shoot itself in the foot. Still, it would be completely wrong to say that this year's team is no different from those. Recent Redskins teams never had a big comeback in a critical game like we did in Dallas this year. Even if they weren't quite all there today, this team is clearly different. The fact is that all teams, even good ones, will have bad games every once in a while. Last year, the Patriots even managed to lose a game against the lowly dolphins. The year before they lost to the Redskins(who went 5-11) and then went on to win the rest of their games straight through the super bowl. The good thing for us is that this only counts as one loss, regardless of what the score was, and, at 4-3 we're only 1 game back in the best division in football. All there is to do is shake it off and get ready for next week.:eaglesuck

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