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Worst Performance I've Ever Seen


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This is by far the worst performance I've ever seen.

Mark Brunell looked like the Brunell of old, and when I say the brunell of old, I don't mean the jacksonville Brunell, I mean the Brunell of last year. He must be injured and if he is, I'd rather see Campell starting than a 60-75% Brunell because we know what he does when he's injured.

Moss and Patten both played like trash today, both dropped huge passes, and Moss had an inexcusable fumble. Portis didn't play well, through no fault of his own, he is clearly injured. However, over the past few weeks its become obvious why we don't use him as a receiver very often - he can't catch. Robert Royal, way too many drops. Too many drops all around. The cooley fumble sucked too, but he's clearly banged up, at that point it didn't really matter anyway. The only offensive/special teams player that didn't do anything awful was thrash - betts fumbled the kick back when we still had a prayer at the start of the 2nd half. Offensive line was horrendous all around, especially by jansen and samuels.

Defense - awful. Sean springs played mediocre, and the only reason I mention him is because he's the only player that didn't totally suck on defense today. So many missed tackles so many blown assignments its not even worth mentioning them indivudally.

This team is battered, and in a lot of trouble. I think its safe to say that we can kiss the playoffs goodbye. A lot of very winnable games just slipped out of our grasp. Am I overdramatizing? Not likely, if brunell is injured we lose his amazing QB play which is the only thing that has kept us going this season. With portis and cooley injured, our offense becomes inept. Moss and patten can't carry an offense, thats for sure, we learned that today. This team needs a possession receiver, a premier pass rusher, and a good QB that will stay healthy. If Brunell truly is injured, and I don't know if thats clear yet, i think we should go with campbell for the rest of the season.

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I don't even think Ramsey looked this bad!!!! They'll turn it around though....keep the Faith, Bandwagon not making a stop just yet!!!!

Ramsey SUCKS! He is too indecisive to play in teh NFL. He chokes when he has the ball in the Red Zone, he takes sacks when he doesn't need to, and he throws picks.

If Ramsey ever starts for us again i'll be very surprised.

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