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So, I'm doing a bit of PR this morning. My brother is the Stage Manager for a production of Bat Boy: The Musical.

Heh, yeah, you heard me. Bat Boy. As in that thing you see in the Supermarket Tabloids (last year he bit Santa Clause, I think ;)). Someone actually wrote a Musical about it. If ya google Bat Boy: The Musical, you'll get a synopsis.

I've actually been around for all the rehearsals for it, and it's been abso-bloody-lutely hilarious. All in all, it might be a good way for some of you folks to spend your Halloween, though it'll be running from Oct 27 - November 6.

Tickets are something like 12 bucks and can be bought online, but I might be able to score two free tickets for the first PM I get showing just how big of a Redskins fan you are. *grins*

Otherwise, cheers and enjoy NFL Sunday!

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