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We beat the cowboys....we won the super bowl


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lol....Cowboys are seeing what that great come back on Monday night did for us. I can't remember the last time I saw the skins firing on all cyclinders like this. I'm loving it, I honestly thought this was going to be a long season for the skins because our off. was like a caged bird since last season and maybe even before that. But something magical happened that night in Irving, Texas and I remember leaving the bar, horsed from yelling and thinking to myself we gone make some serious noise in the league this year. The next day I saw a friend of mine and I said well we beat yall that was our Super Bowl right there and he laughed and said yeah that sad that yall put that much on the skins vs. cowboys game,but yall wont continue that luck. And what I really meant was that we are back, I mean besides the great comeback with under 2 min. left, and besides the fact that it was the BIG cowboy and indian rivalry, but you have to also consider the way at which it was done. I mean when was the last time our off. played at that level in the clutch moment of the game. Skins gone do damage this season and lovin every minute of it.

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