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Who looked bad Saturday night?

Luca Brasi

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As I'm seeing all of the posts about the positive play of many of our players, I was trying to think of someone who was not very impressive during the game. And honestly, I really can't think of anyone. Sage started off a little rough, but he turned it around and ended up looking pretty good. Gillespie out-shined Betts, but I wouldn't say Betts looked bad. Any thoughts?

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Skaggs was a little dissapointing, although he didn't get a whole lot of PT. Ohalate (sp) also had some blown assignments. I wasn't wholly impressed with Gardner either, even though the passes that came his way were junk (see: Sage's first drive).

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RBs Watson and Watkins looked bad. OT Paige looked bad. Skaggs muffed a kickoff and looked disappointing.

WR Anthony was invisible. WR Gardner had one very good catch, but on two other throws there appeared to be miscommunication between him and Sage (unknown which one blew the play), resulting in incompletions.

Betts looked mediocre at RB, except for one run when he carried tacklers 8 yards. He looked better as a receiver.

Ohalete blew two plays. So did LB Mitchell (including one stupid offsides on a blitz). LB Pierce blew at least one play.

OG Russ Tucker blew at least one key block.

Sage was poor early but improved.

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